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Dynamic evolution at the base of Progea’s philosophy, an International software company leading in Scada/HMI and automation software

The Progea group, with HQ in Modena, have been operating in the industrial software production sector for over 25 years with a constant increase in yearly turnovers and profits. They have established a stronghold in the international market with a presence that is continuously expanding. Today the Progea group has about 45 people working in the team, distributed in the italian offices of Modena, Milano, Vicenza, and in the branch of Germany, Switzerland and USA, from where their international distribution is coordinated.

Progea has known how to regulate its growth especially in the last three years by investing many of its resources in Research and Development which is the company’s base philosophy.

As players in a fast growing automation software sector, Progea has earnt its share of the market. This is not only due to its product quality but also its customer support and services deemed by them to be essential components that come automatically with the software they provide. If these essential components are unavailable or not provided properly, there is a high risk that the customer may be burdened with high indirect costs as a consequence.

The company has gained an important place in the international market as well. This has been achieved by the professionalism of its overseas distribution network and international partnerships with major global companies in the automation field. This great achievement demonstrates how advanced Progea’s software product technology content has become and now defined as state of the art in SCADA/HMI platforms.


Dr. Paolo Fiorani