E80 is the worldwide market leader of AGV production with a market share of more than 5,000 vehicles produced and installed at 2018. The company is specialized in the implementation of flexible and modular, integrated and automated solutions, designed for high-volume consumer products manufacturers, mainly in the food, beverage and tissue industries, as well as in diversified sectors, like ceramics and plastics. E80 provides solutions for production planning and control, storage and shipping activities, with a significant increase in factory efficiency, and ensuring the total traceability of handled products.

Since its inception in 1980, Elettric 80 has been at the forefront of change in the global end-of-line automation and automatic warehouse environments. When it launched Freeway, a highly flexible system for automatic material handling in factories, in the mid 1990’s, it not only set a new industry standard but provided a vision as to how goods should be managed at the end-of-the-line. Currently, E80 has more than 600 employees with an annual turnover that has steadily increased in the latter years to reach € 220 mln in 2018. Its production facilities and head offices are located in Viano (Italy). Subsidiaries are located in Chicago USA, Gothenburg Sweden, London UK, Krakow Poland and Melbourne Australia. During their long time experience, E80 team members gained the ability to point out and solve problems in several applications in more and more demanding industrial plants. In particular, many warehouse layouts have been encountered and many traffic problems have been solved in real installations of Freeway system. E80 is a high-tech company, with a 5% of technicians fully engaged in R&D activities. E80 constantly works on increasing autonomy and flexibility, paying a great attention to investments on R&D, mostly carried out in partnership with University and Research Centres.

In particular, E80 has been collaborating with UNIMORE since years on many different European and Italian research projects, such as the FP7 project PAN-Robots, the Echord experiment TRAFCON, and the Italian project DIRO’.


website: www.elettric80.com